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About us

Inside-poland.com is based in Kraków, Poland, and published in English with selected articles also repeated in Polish. Our contributors have included writers from Poland, the UK, Ukraine, the United States, Australia, China, Canada and more. The editor is Anthony Casey.

Inside-Poland.com has a regular audience of more than 110,000 readers, in almost 200 countries.

Our editorial policy (last updated Dec 20, 2017)

Like all media outlets, Inside-Poland.com has an editorial position. We define this as responsible liberal, meaning an emphasis on small, accountable and socially responsible government, and the broadest possible scope for personal freedoms.

Content on Inside-Poland.com may represent this editorial position, in that decisions on the selection and content of news reports are sometimes based on and guided by these principles.

Inside-poland.com is not party political. Some parties and politicians are closer to our editorial position than others, so some will be criticised more heavily or more often than others. Nevertheless, all are considered equal in terms of their obligations and responsibilities to Poland, particularly when in government, either local or national.

Inside-Poland.com does not represent any faith. We believe that an individual’s relationship with their god is their private and personal business. We oppose the participation of any religious organisation in the public sphere.

Inside-Poland.com opposes censorship. Readers are always welcome to leave comments, critical or supportive, on our site, and on Facebook and Twitter, and to debate on these pages. However, we will hide or delete spam, comments and posts that we judge to pose a potentially serious threat of substantial breach of criminal law or of defamation, and comments directed at other readers (but not at Inside-Poland.com or its team) deemed to be personal and abusive. Persistent offenders in all cases will be banned.

Please note that unsubstantiated claims and statements irrelevant to a given thread may be treated as spam.

While Inside-Poland.com does cooperate with most properly submitted requests for information from authorities competent to make such requests, we never reveal any information about our sources, to anyone.

It is Inside-Poland.com’s policy to ‘like’ any feedback on our social media pages, whether positive or negative. This does not mean that we agree with the poster’s point of view (though it doesn’t mean we don’t, either), but we do believe that this is  a good way to acknowledge your contribution to Inside-Poland.com. We may or may not reply to comments, but reserve the right to do so. Please bear in mind that all comments you make are public, and that others are free to reply to them.

Inside-Poland.com opposes any attempt to limit personal lifestyle choices and freedom of expression.

If you spot an error in our reporting (it happens sometimes, we are only human), please tell us. Inside-Poland.com pledges to publish a correction or amendment, noting the change, at the earliest opportunity. We will not amend articles on the basis of opinion.

Comment and editorial pieces on Inside-Poland.com are clearly marked as such, in order to distinguish them from news reports, and to avoid any misunderstanding about what is published as news, and what is not. If you would like to write a comment or editorial piece, please email info@inside-poland.com with your proposal. Whatever your point of view, we will consider publishing your article.

Inside-Poland.com does not use cookies.

Important update, November 1, 2015: Editorial policy regarding Poland’s history in relation to Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

Contact and co-operation

We welcome advertising and sponsorship proposals, but space is very limited and we do not allow advertisers or sponsors to have any say in the editorial content on Inside-Poland.com. All material published on behalf of a sponsor or advertiser is clearly marked ‘sponsored article’. If you have any proposals about co-operation, which you would like us to consider, please let us know.

You may contact Inside-Poland.com with comments, proposals etc, by emailing info@inside-poland.com.