At Home in Poland

kto ty jestes

Kto Ty Jesteś? You need to know the answer if you want to be Polish…

 poland_wianki_225 Midsummer in Poland: Wianki, and the pagan rituals that survived Christianity.
 wprainbowcrayons April in Poland – you’re going to need a brolly, and sunscreen, and a vest.
poland_przedwiosnie It’s spring, no, winter… no, spring… przedwiośnie, Poland’s ‘in between’ season.
poland_news_candlemas2 Candlemas – Poland’s ‘Groundhog Day’.
Poland_studniowka A flash of red garter and the finest evening wear… it’s studniówka time in Poland.
poland_christmas2 Christmas in Poland
poland_andrzejki advent2 November 30: Andrzejki in Poland – time to party before the Advent fast.
poland_news_all saints November 1 – marking All Saints’ Day in Poland.
poland_foreigners Foreigner in Poland? Here are the signs that you are going native…
poland_news_autumn On Poland’s harvest festivals, and the Golden Polish Autumn.
poland_news_family2 Poland performs well among countries offering best standards of family life for immigrants.
poland_at home Black magic, a pact with the devil, and an eavesdropping spider… meet Twardowski, Poland’s man in the  moon.
poland_church_sanctuary_lichen With a heatwave on the way, take sanctuary within the cool interiors of Poland’s greatest churches.
poland_news_boze_cialo Boże Ciało – celebrating Corpus Christi in Poland.
poland_news_shopping Shopping in Poland – a user’s guide.
poland_news_weather Poland’s ‘Three Gardeners’ and ‘Cold Sofia’ bring a chill to the air and heavy mid-May rain.
poland_president An election looms in Poland, and the country will choose its next head of state. But what does the president actually do? Find out here.
poland_flag Majówka  – all you need to know about the May holiday in Poland.
wpglobe Foreigners in another land – in just one Polish city, some 124 nations are represented. Are you among them?
wppisanki Easter in Poland.
wpkolory1 Colour me Polish – one stop language guide to talking about colours.
wpgroszy Poles generally don’t seem to notice, but for visitors to Poland there’s an unfathomable obsession with low denomination coins in the Polish shopping experience.
wpinterkulturalni3 New here? These guys offer excellent help and support to foreigners learning the ropes in Poland.
wpvariaslang Language links: Kraków Polish might seem to turn the air blue, but it’s not as bad as you think