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poland_comment_history book

“Annexing your neighbours and military coups can sometimes be good”… how Poland’s government is re-presenting history to World Youth Day pilgrims

poland_comment_media2 Independence and integrity – the price journalist’s in Poland’s government-controlled public media must pay.
poland_comment_lipman_brexit Polska Dotty author Jonathan Lipman, on how the Brexit “leave” campaign exposed “Little England” prejudices.
poland_comment_onr2 Shame of the university in Poland that told foreign students to stay home as right wing nazis partied on campus.
poland_comment_migrants ‘Poles come home!’ urges minister… but what’s on offer in return?
poland_comment_polish-concentration-camp2 Criminal and libel courts can’t protect Poland’s reputation. Education and vigilance can.
poland_comment_photography ‘Be careful what you look at’ – media images can seriously damage your humanity, argues Kinga Liwowska.
poland_comment_complex2 Poland needs ‘critical and courageous thinking’ more than protest if we are to overcome the Polish Complex, writes Piotr Augustyniak.
poland_comment_illg “I pity my country and my countrymen – but I cannot pity the man who is tearing us apart.” – comment from Jerzy Illg.
poland_comment_kod2 It takes more than elections to make a democracy – and Poland’s new government is proving it with every act.
in Warsaw, Poland, Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015. (AP Photo/Alik Keplicz) Andrzej Duda is in danger of being remembered as the president who breathed the spirit of communism back into Poland.
poland_comment_crisis ‘Two dogs good, one dog bad’ – how Poland’s government erased Pikuś to become authoritarian
poland_comment_window of life In a country where Catholic attitudes to sex prevail, we need to keep our baby boxes.
poland_independence Face to face with freedom – November 11, Independence Day in Poland.
poland_comment_birkenau This is a Nazi Germany concentration camp in Poland – update to Inside-Poland’s editorial policy.
poland_news_spotlight ‘Dear Ms Szydło…’ ten questions to ask of the woman likely to become Poland’s next prime minister.
poland_comment_tokarczuk impaled2 ‘Impale Olga Tokarczuk on a stake for causing offence’ – the dangerous fanaticism of Poland’s
poland_comment_satire2 “You know, boss, we’re not technically a government in exile…” Election satire for Poland.
poland_comment_blind3 If we declaim all Muslims as terrorists on the say of ‘useful idiots’, where does that leave Poland?
poland_news_petition2 Sign letter to politicians in Poland and CEE, calling for them to stop ‘embarrassing and edangering’ the region in their response to refugee crisis.
poland_comment_censor2 Gagging the ignorant and pathetic is not going to help in the refugee debate in Poland.
poland_comment_refugee For Poland, the refugee crisis is not a question of how many or who, it is a simple moral duty to help.
poland_news_rainbow The end of the rainbow: Poland surrenders to the tyranny or provocation.
poland_comment Poland’s radical Catholic portal on the god of ‘fear, violence and wrath’… to whom only Christians need apply.
poland_news_mikke_nazi Video: Poland’s Euro MP Janusz Korwin-Mikke shames nation by giving Nazi German salute in parliament.
poland_news_polygamy Poland’s oppostion to civil partnerships doesn’t defend against polygamy, it encourages it.
poland_news_biedron Poland’s first gay mayor removes picture of John Paul II from his office and gives it to local church. Guilty of causing religious offence, or victim of homophobia?
poland_beksinski_boat Poland 2025 – a view of the future after ten years of Duda, Kaczyński, and Law and Justice.
poland_news_comment_election ‘More of the same’ could be the best route to change in Poland… but is the nation brave enough for its 21st century Wernyhora?
poland_news_election_kukiz Poland say’s ‘no’ – for now – to mainstream presidential candidates, as independent rock star polls more than 20 per cent. It’s time for change…
Poland_william kate See how William and Kate’s new daughter, Princess Charlotte, relates to Poland’s king Mieszko I.
wpcensor Censorship is still rife in Poland’s mainstream media, but it’s no longer the government that wields the red pencil.
wpreligion education The Gospel According to Jennings: State funding for religious education? Why not, if we get the balance right.
wpputindebate2 How worried should Poland be about Russia? Inside-Poland’s Anthony Casey and the Kraków Post’s Steven Hoffman offer different views on the threat Vladimir Putin’s international policies might pose.
wpplenarne Communique from the latest meeting of the Polish Episcopate. Published here in English translation, without comment or amendment.
wpmatejkobaptism Editorial: Almost everyone who has ever lived in Poland was not Christian. This doesn’t mean they weren’t Polish.
wpdomesticviolencejustice The Gospel According to Jennings: A man who denies raping his wife, but willingly admits to beating her, gets away with a four-month prison sentence, suspended for two years. What does this say about the attitudes of justice and society towards women?.
wpmilkbar Polska Dotty: Poland, this is Poland – all change. Jonathan Lipman on the rapid transformation of a country that is leaning to the West but clinging on to it’s own heritage.