Exit Polls: Andrzej Duda is Poland’s Next President. Komorowski Concedes Defeat

Andrzej Duda has won the Polish presidential election, with a decisive victory over Bronisław Komorowski, who gave a speech conceding defeat.


Exit polls, delayed until 22:30 due to the death of a voter at a polling booth, put Mr Duda at 53%, with Mr Komorowski at 47%.

While the official result is not expected until Monday evening, Mr Komorowski has already congratulated Mr Duda.

The outgoing president said: “I have not succeeded this time. So the citizens of a free and democratic Poland have decided. Democracy lies in the fact that election results must be not only recognised, but also respected.

“I congratulate Mr Andrzej Duda, and wish him a successful presidency.”

Addressing a crowd of supporters, Mr Duda said: “Thank you very much for this beautiful greeting. [Thank you to] President Bronisław Komorowski for the competition in this campaign, and [for his] congratulations. But most of all, [thank you] Poles.”

He added: “I firmly believe that we are able to rebuild the [sense of] community in our country… the president is elected by popular vote by the people… and as president to be elected is to listen. That is why the door of the [presidential] palace will be open to all initiatives, not only to those with whom I agree.”