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It was not for nothing that the Polish poet Cyprian Godebski wrote “God created woman, and his work was complete”. It was written at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, but Polish women – and it is surely they who Godebski had in mind when he penned the line – are no less famed for their beauty today. is where you can meet them.


Back in the day, when artists and poets were proclaiming the beauty and virtue of Polish women, the only real prospect a man had of meeting one was to travel to Poland. Finding a partner and forming a meaningful relationship is no less important to men in the 21st century than it has ever been, but services such as have effectively shrunk the world, making the first step easier to take.

Google ‘dating Polish women’ and you will get more than a million results, most of which are dating sites or introduction agencies. What sets aside from the rest is one simple word: verification. The team behind guarantees that all women’s profiles on the site are verified and genuine. They go to such as extent to ensure this that they will be personally touring Poland in May, to meet the women who hope to use to find meaningful relationships with men from around the world.

George Skrzypniak, Founder & President of, said: “All we are is memories wrapped in skin. Everyone has a life story, and though we may not know our members life stories, we fully understand why they come to our dating site. Whether they are single, widowed, divorced, or heart-broken they are all real human beings with warm beating hearts who are essentially looking for their better second half. There are a lot of scam sites out there taking advantage of well-intentioned men, but the ambitious team at One Polish Love is absolutely passionately dedicated, driven, motivated, and determined to help our users find what they’ve always dreamed about.”

It is, of course, impossible to draw a stereotype of a ‘Polish woman’. Yet there are some things that come up again and again in conversation with men who have found partners from Poland. They will tell you that, like the legendary Princess Wanda, Polish women are renowned internationally for their beauty and tenacity; they will say that, like university founder Queen Jadwiga, they are courageous and intelligent; you will hear the words ‘loyalty’, ‘honesty’ and ‘affection’ too, among many other positive traits.

Perhaps it is best to leave the last word to another Polish poet, Aleksander Fredro. A contemporary of Godebski, Fredro described Polish women as modest and beautiful; and, he warned, they should never be underestimated – “for she who was a bunny rabbit in the morning will be a lioness in the evening”.

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