Help build new home for club for at-risk children







A programme that helps children suffering from poverty, neglect and domestic problems such as alcohol or drug-dependent parents is seeking help to move from temporary accommodation into a new, permanent home.

Klub Narnia, run by the Christian foundation Nowa Nadzieja’s education centre in Olsztyn, offers children and young people advice, activities, counselling and more. It aims to prevent them becoming engaged in anti-social activity and crime, and to offer them an escape route from potential physical and psychological harm.

The club has been based in temporary accommodation since it began four years ago. Now, it needs to expand in order to continue its work, and has already found suitable premises. And, they’ve even made a video to tell friends the good news:

However, installation of gas and electricity, news floors, doors and windows, and other renovation work, is expected to cost up to 150,000zł.

Financial donations are welcome, but Klub Narnia also stresses the need for help in kind – including materials and volunteers to carry out the work.

If you would like to get involved, visit the Nowa Nadzieja website to find out more.

Pictures: Nowa Nadzieja