Listening to Life – Living Beyond the Story: A New You Begins With Understanding Just Who ‘You’ Are… Part 2

Are you listening to life? If not, there is a course in Kraków, Poland, that could help you succeed… (continued from page 1)

dr david norris

This is also the point at which Dr Norris (above) establishes his own credentials. He is a travelled American, living for some years in Germany with his wife, and with almost four decades experience in delivering this type of course. He has, in this time, developed a range of tools, including ‘old school’ philosophy and classic cognitive psychology, as well as elements from more esoteric sources, along with the occasional ‘think outside the box’ brain teaser thrown in for good measure.

The mood of the group on this first evening was mixed, ranging from polite agnosticism to hope, seasoned with scepticism and a dash of confrontation. By Sunday evening this had shifted to an atmosphere of almost complete acceptance and understanding.

Furthermore, had become clear by then that each participant had undergone a unique and personal inner conversation in order to make sense of what Dr Norris presented to them.

This is interesting because all the participants were in the same room, at the same time, engaging in the same programme and receiving the same information. But from that one single thread, seven different experiences emerged. To see how this can work, let’s go back to the movies. The next time a group of your friends go to see a film, ask them, individually, to tell you about it. It is almost certain that you will hear different accounts, sometimes so different that they could be describing different films. This is how the individual dynamic works within the Doowise course group.

The real work for the participants takes place on Saturday and Sunday, and these are truly full, demanding days.

After Friday’s introductions, Saturday is spent identifying and sharing formative (often negative) past experiences, in the search for the ‘trigger’ that sets the pattern for our lives. This, it must be said, is a very exposing process that left participants extremely vulnerable, and led to both anger and tears as previously repressed memories come to the surface.

Then, with the mind metaphorically exposed and a lot of dirty laundry being done in a public – though safe and confidential – environment, it’s time to start reconfiguring the connections. This is where two of the godfathers of philosophy – Freud and Plato – play a major role. In fact, Freud’s theory of repetition compulsion appears to underpin the reprogramming aspect of the course, as participants are shown that behaviour is strongly connected to past experiences, which we are, at some level, compelled to re-enact, even if only in our responses to such experiences.

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