Listening to Life – Living Beyond the Story: A New You Begins With Understanding Just Who ‘You’ Are… Part 3

Breaking the chains that lock you into patterns of behaviour could be your key to success in life… (continued from page 2)


In breaking this connection, in which the past is the engine driving the present, Dr Norris calls on Plato, invoking arguments from the allegory of the cave to demonstrate that what we see is not necessarily what really is. He draws again on Plato, this time from the theory of forms, to make the point that the quiddity of a thing can be more real than its physical representation. In doing so, he makes two compelling points – that in order to make any positive change, we need to identify the true nature of what we call our ‘problem’.

The methodology of the course, it has to be said, is not one that would gain all-round approval from any academic scientist or psychologist. There is nothing in the content that can be measured, empirically tested or peer assessed. And yet the participants appeared to be more confident and happier in themselves at the end than they had seemed at the beginning. And, importantly, they all expressed the feeling that they had gained something useful from the experience.

Science matters, a lot. In fact, it should matter above all else. But that doesn’t change the fact that there are, as the saying goes ‘horses for courses’, and for those who are ready for it, whether they know it or not, Listening to Life could prove the perfect course. How else might one explain the experience of one participant, who arrived sceptical, defensive and confrontational and ended the weekend not only in a completely opposite frame of mind, but also understanding why he was where he had been in the first place?

Gosia Dzik-Holden, producer of both Listening to Life courses in Kraków, who continues to work closely with Dr Norris, said that it would be a mistake to assume that the course was ‘just another form of therapy’.

Gosia added: “The purpose of Listening to Life is to make it possible for the participants to have a place to come into life from outside of their stories, therefore breaking the vicious circles of their conditioning. One doesn’t need a traumatic experience to be trapped in that repetitious cycle. This course is for strong and healthy people, who want to access a new level of what’s possible in their life. Practically, this spells moving beyond survival and into trusting life, abundance, unconditional happiness and peace of mind.”

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