Listening to Life – Living Beyond the Story: Learn How to Attain True Innovation and Personal Freedom

It has been said that there is nothing new in history – whether in our personal lives or for fates of nations. Individuals repeat the mistakes of their ancestors, and empires rise – then stumble on the same steps that tripped those that came before. But, from the personal perspective, it really doesn’t have to be like that. It’s time to break the chain.


Innovation and personal freedom are at the core of a course that will run in Kraków later this month, offering a fast-track to tried and tested personal transformation.

The course, run by Doowise and led by international transformational expert Dr David Norris, offers participants the opportunity to break free of their ‘story’ – which for most people is the force field that defines and identifies them and their place in the world and in time.

The result of this mindset, says Dr Norris, is that we are caught in repeating patterns of inevitability and fail to notice that we are the central characters in our own life stories.

It’s a way of thinking that kills the instinct to question limits in the right way, and to accept that, even if we can ‘rewrite’ our own story, the outcome will be the same.

The course – Listening to Life: Living Beyond the Story – takes participants out of that circle of entrapment, and gives them the tools to make a huge leap in understanding.

Underpinning it are two central tenets:

The first is that innovation is not about having new thoughts, it is about having a new place from which to think. The second addresses personal freedom; this, says Dr Norris, is not all about getting what you want… first you must understand the ‘you’ that wants it.

Both innovation and personal freedom are viewed as attainable only when one steps outside one’s ‘story’. It is this that the course aims to achieve for each of its participants.

Doowise courses are available in Kraków, but places are strictly limited so be sure to book early. You can find details of times, dates and venues, and secure your place, by following the link here.

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