Looking Back


The “other” Katyń – how Nazi Germany slaughtered thousands, including its own, in forests of northern Poland.

poland_news_june4 June 4, 1989 – Ladies and gentlemen, today, Poland is free.
poland_history_ulma Shot dead for sheltering Jews – the Ulma family, and the new museum their bravery inspired.
poland_history_orlik inka Inka and Orlik – heroes of the Polish anti-communist resistance.
poland_history_ak The Bloody Valentines – February 14 is the anniversary of the formation of Poland’s Armia Krajowa.
poland_history_wolf's lair The Wolf’s Lair – Hitler’s hideaway in Nazi German occupied Poland.
poland_history_kor to kod From KOR to KOD via Solidarity – Poland’s tradition of protest has always supported civil rights and fought authoritarianism.
poland_history_iwanow szajnowicz Athlete, Linguist, Spy… and Patriot – the Story of Jerzy Iwanow-Szajnowicz, Poland’s James Bond
poland_history_norman davies book2 Trail of Hope – new history book by Norman Davies tells story of Poland’s Anders’ Army.
poland_news_solidarity2 August 31 – an anniversary of tragedy and hope in Poland.
poland_history Death of a hero – Antoni Jabłoński, one of the soldiers who raised the Polish flag over Berlin in 1945, has died.
poland_history_referendum One referendum, three questions… ‘Three Times Yes’, and the final step in the Soviet takeover of Poland.
poland_history_jewish Poland’s 600 years as a Jewish paradise.
poland_history_exile_1 The Poles who went into the cold – Stalin’s exiles and their families, who are still awaiting a return to Poland.
poland_news_pope_assassination Mehmet Agcas and John Paul II – marking the anniversary of the assassination attempt that almost killed the Polish pope.
poland_news_history From Nazi Germany to Soviet Russia: Why the end of the Second World War marked just another occupation for Poland.
wpkos Poland, Belarus, Lithuania, Australia, the United States of America, France, Switzerland, Brazil… the fame of Polish military genius and humanitarian hero Tadeusz Kościuszko reaches right around the world.
wpkatynfiles New documents released by Poland and UK show Russia’s ‘planned deportations’ of a million Poles.
wpjadwigatomb Jadwiga – university founder, military leader, miracle worker… and Poland’s only female king.
wpaccursed450 Poland’s ‘Accursed Soliders’ (Żołnierze wyklęci) were underground fighters who battled Stalin’s occupation of Polish lands after the Second World War. Yet they have only recently got their own memorial day after years of tarnished reputation resulting from a Soviet propaganda campaign.
wpmariaszymanowska Marking international Women’s Day, ten of the most influential women in Poland’s history.
wpcommunistpoland1 A brief history of Poland under Communism. Extended feature from Inside-Poland.com, from the Second World War to 1989.
wpgibraltarmonument On July 4, 1943, at 23:07, a plane carrying Poland’s prime minister in exile Władysław Sikorski, his daughter, the Polish army’s chief of staff, and seven others, took off from Gibraltar. Sixteen seconds later, the aircraft plunged into the sea
wpwojtekbearwide The true story of Wojtek the Soldier Bear – who fought alongside Polish troops on front lines, and lived out his retirement peacefully in Scotland.
wpkrakarkapana When plans for Kraków’s Nowa Huta district were being drawn, it was intended as a secular, socialist settlement. Residents, though, had other ideas, and, almost 30 years after the first bricks had been laid in this ‘ideal town’, the first church, Arka Pana, was formally consecrated.