My Słowanie: is music video ironic swipe at image of Poles – or simply pornography?

A Polish music video featuring ‘peasant’ girls in revealing costume has raced up the internet viewing charts – dragging in its wake a trail of controversy.

 The song My Słowanie (We the Slavs) was created by Polish rap artist Donatan, from Kraków, and singer Cleo. They say it aims to challenge the image of Poles and other Slavic nations, as simple country folk.

But, while Cleo’s short skirt and the plunging necklines of the backing dancers have so far garnered the video 17 million views on YouTube, it’s also received some harsh criticism.

According to the Polska Times, the video verges on the pornographic. The portal reports that a BBC journalist who asked members of the public for their opinion found a mixed response. While some agreed that My Słowanie ridiculed the way that Poles and other Slavs were portrayed in advertising, others were less than complementary – with calls to have the ‘pornographic’ material removed from YouTube.

 Video by Urban Rec TV.