Neighbourhood Watch


Hostel in Poland’s border town of Cieszyn part of project to put Visegrad’s hidden gems on the backpacker map.

wpborder2 Czech local authorities dispute handover of land to Poland.
poland_news_refugee hungary2 Following Poland’s inconclusive refugee debate, a look at how some other nations are dealing with the crisis.
poland_soviet_victims2 Estonian minster calls for international investigation into communist crimes, in Poland and elsewhere.
poland_region In wake of Greek referendum, finance ministers meet in Warsaw – while Kopacz warns ‘the only way is out of the eurozone’.
poland_news_ukraine_insult Shocking image posted by Ukrainian student in Poland who made insulting gesture at Majdanek monument – then issued apology saying ‘Sorry Poles, i just don’t like Jews’.
poland_news_russia_relations Public enemy number five – Russians say Poland among ‘most hostile’ nations.
poland_news_ukraine_report Russia ‘formally at war’ with Ukraine, say analysts.
poland_news_russia_tanks ‘Our tanks don’t need visas’ – says Russia’s deputy prime minister in response to Western sanctions.
poland_news_russia_ukraine_report Anti-Putin campaigners publish report begun by Boris Nemtsov, claiming to prove Russian troops are on active service in Ukraine.
poland_eu Ukraine and Georgia to get visa free travel to Poland and the EU?
poland_westerplatte Presidents shun Moscow in favour of Second World War anniversary event at Westerplatte in Poland.
wpwolyn Ukraine to honour soliders who slaughtered Poles at Volhynia.
wpplukraine Help Poland raise money to support refugees in eastern Ukraine.
wpmerkel ‘Merkel the movie’ – Germany’s chancellor to get biopic… to be released in election year.
wpgeorgia Russia’s next move – Putin signs ‘prelude to annexation’ of Georgian South Ossetia.
wpmoscowtanks Tanks and heavy artillery on the streets of Moscow, as Russia prepares to mark anniversary of annexation of Crimea.
wparmy Poland to send troops to help train Ukrainian army.
wpfridman Russian firm buys gas rights in Poland, sparking fears over energy security.