New book claims sex ed, civil partnerships and gays are ‘evil threats’ to family life







Sex education for youngsters, civil partnerships and political interference in child-raising are among the ‘aggressive’ threats to the traditional family emerging from the UN, the EU and the Polish government – according to a new book that alleges to teach Poles how to deal with what it calls a culture of death.

IVF treatment, abortion, singleton lifestyles, and homosexuality are also among the ‘evils’ outlined by Jacek Pulikowski in the book, called O Małżeństwie i Rodzinie (On Marriage and Family).

Publicity material for the book reads: “In the face of such aggressive offensive enemies of the traditional family, you need a book that will sharpen your knowledge and suggest arguments… against the persecution of the family. That’s why we decided to meet your needs, giving you this special family ‘superhandbook’.”

Pulikowski himself is described as a ‘long-serving husband, and father of three children’, lecturer in Family Studies, and a man with 30 years experience of running marriage counselling services.

The book was being promoted as a souvenir of the March for Life and Family events (Marsz dla Życia i Rodziny), which took place across Poland on May 26. Anyone who bought the book could also get a certificate of their participation in the marches.

Marchers took to the streets in Lublin, Kraków, Warsaw, Rzeszów, Płock and more. The largest demonstration was in the capital, where around 10,000 people marched. In Kraków, demonstrators claimed that their message was disconnected from politics – chanting ‘do not let anyone rule in your home’ – but were critical only of the governing PO and centre-left SLD parties, and not of the more traditional opposition leaders PiS.

The marches were co-ordinated through the Society for Christian Culture (Stowarzyszenie Kultury Chrześcijańskiej) and the National Days of Life Foundation (Fundacja Narodowego Dnia Życia).

Picture: March for Life and Family

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