‘Only Idiots Work for 6,000 złoty’ – Says 80,000 Per Month Euro Commissioner Bieńkowska

Poland’s ‘secret tape scandal’, continues to embarrass high-ranking officials, with European commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska, being recorded voicing her opinion that only ‘idiots or thieves’ work for 6,000 złoty per month.


Ms Bieńkowska was dining with Central Anti-Corruption Bureau boss Paweł Wojtunik when the covert recording was made. The pair were at posh Warsaw restaurant Sowa i Przyjaciele, where even a glass of water costs up to 18 złoty.

Speaking of a friend who works in higher education, Ms Bieńkowska told Mr Wojtunik: “She said ‘I receive 6,000’… 6,000! Can you understand it? Only a thief or an idiot… it’s impossible for anyone to work for such an amount.”

Mr Wojtunik indicated his agreement with the plight of Ms Bieńkowska’s friend.

According to EU statistics, the average wage in Poland is just under 3,000 złoty per month. Ms Bieńkowska, as European Commissioner, earns almost 80,000 złoty. During her time as deputy prime minister, she received a monthly pay cheque for approximately 17,000 złoty.