Home and Away

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From Canada with love – the story of the new online community with Poland at heart.

poland_news_the poland podcast2 The Poland Podcast – helping foreigners to understand the land of Lech one crazy step at a time.
poland_iwanowski book2 Long walk home – Polish expat in Wales follows grandfather’s footsteps in 1,400-mile trek from Russian gulag to family home in Wrocław.
poland_news_mariupol Poland’s government rethinks attitude to repatriation of ethnic Poles in Mariupol.
poland_krakow_don allen2 Don Allen, the Brit actor who came to Poland and set up his own theatre company.
poland_lindsmyers Linds Myers, a Canadian teacher in Poland, who made the journey of a lifetime to honour her grandfather’s wartime heroics in Holland.
wpzylinski Polish aristocrat in London challenged British UKIP party leader Nigel Farage to ‘swords at dawn’ over anti-immigrant rhetoric.
 wpjanaukrainewide ‘Poland, thank you. Russia, please leave us alone’. Ukrainian Jana Molik on the invasion of her country
 wpbrienbarnett American editor Brien Barnett had dreams of beaches, islands, and tuk tuk races. He’s still in Warsaw
wphuragan ‘How will I know if my life is interesting enough, if I don’t know how it looks somewhere else?’ With this question in mind, Katarzyna Klimasińska left her native Poland to get a taste of life in the USA.
poland_election Poles abroad urged ‘use your vote’ in forthcoming presidential election.
poland_unemployment UK Unemployment among Poles in the UK lower than among UK nationals.
poland_spring into UK ‘Poland – spring into’ campaign promotes Poland in the UK.
poland_immigrant UK ‘Being a nationalist immigrant is silly’ – Facebook group spoofs Polish hooligans abroad.