Police investigate as UK political party compares Polish immigrants to monkeys







Updated 01:30, May 28 2013

Police are investigating race-hate allegations against a right wing British political party after it distributed election leaflets comparing Polish people to ‘monkeys’.

The British National Party – headed by MEP Nick Griffin – distributed the leaflets during the May local election in Cumbria, north-west England. The leaflets alleged that Labour Party candidates had hired Polish canvassers to deliver the leaflets because they were cheaper to employ than ‘local English lads’. It included an allusion to the English saying ‘if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys’ – meaning that you get the quality of staff that you pay for.

Griffin’s party was campaigning in the Maryport North and Maryport South divisions, hoping to win seats on Cumbria County Council. However, candidates Clive Jefferson and Dawn Charlton both lost to the Labour candidates Carneen McCarron Holmes and Keith Anthony Little.

BNP spokesman Simon Darby denied that the leaflets existed, and said the influx of Poles into the UK – where Polish is now the second most common language – was the fault of British politicians. Police in Cumbria confirmed that a complaint was being investigated, but said that no arrests had been made.

Griffin has gone on the record to say that the Holocaust never happened, and claimed last year that civil partnerships undermined the institution of marriage and would therefore result in the deaths of children . He was a member of the extreme right-wing National Front party in the UK before joining the British National Party, and already has a conviction for ‘publishing or distributing racially inflammatory written material’.