Polish Aristocrat Challenges UKIP Leader Nigel Farage to Duel over Discrimination against Poles in Britain

A Polish businessman who can trace his ancestry to the aristocracy of old Poland has challenged British right wing politician Nigel Farage to a duel with swords in central London.

Prince Jan Żyliński, currently resident in the UK and owner of the White House in London, threw down the gauntlet in response to what he says is discrimination against Poles living in Britain. The final straw was a comment by the UKIP leader, about being delayed by heavy traffic on the M40 motorway due to a traffic jam ‘caused by immigrants’.

Mr Żyliński is the son of cavalry officer Andrzej Żyliński, who led a victorious charge against Nazi German troops in Poland in 1939, resulting in the lives of 6,000 Jews being saved.

Mr Żyliński said: “I have realised that now what I have to do is stand up in defence of my people in this country, in the UK.

“I have had enough of the discrimination against Polish people in this country. The most idiotic example I have heard has been Mr Nigel Farage blaming my people for traffic jams on the M40.

“Enough is enough… what I’d like to do, Mr Farage, is to challenge you to a duel.

“I’d like us to meet in Hyde Park one morning, with our swords, and resolve this matter in the way that an 18th century Polish aristocrat and an English gentleman would traditionally do it.”

But he added that he would be satisfied with a duel of words on TV ‘if Mr Farage’s sword was a little bit rusty’.

Neither UKIP nor Mr Farage have yet made a statement about the challenge.

Video: YouTube. With thanks to Kresy.pl for their assistance in locating this video