Polish falcon sends text messages home from the seaside







A female peregrine falcon which was part of a bird monitoring programme in the north of Poland has been tracked in Kaliningrad and Lithuania… thanks to a device which sends SMS messages to scientists.

The bird of prey got her first taste of the wild when she was placed with other chicks in an artifical nest in the Nadleśnictwo Nowe Ramuki forests near Olsztyn, in the Warmińsko-Mazurskie region. Aged just 12 weeks, it didn’t take her long to literally spread her wings, and the attached transmitter allowed ornithologists to track her route.

First, the bird went to Kaliningrad, then to the mouth of the Wisła river before exploring the Baltic coast region. She has now settled near Kaunas, Lithuania, having covered some 400km, and from where her transmitter sends SMS messages back to the ornithologists.

The Sokół Association for Wild Animals and dorestry organisations have been working on a project to rebuild the peregrine falcon population in the area for the past three years. The birds became extinct in the region in the mid-20th century, but thanks to conservation efforts are now showing signs of making a comeback.

Picture: Creative Commons

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