Polska Dotty 2 – Ahead of Brexit Referendum, Read New Book by Jonathan Lipman on Poles in the UK

When lawyer Jonathan Lipman relocated to Poland several years ago, he found a world so removed from the UK that it prompted him to write the wonderfully witty Polska Dotty. Now back in England with his wife Marzena, Jonathan has turned his lively and well-informed pen to Britain’s Polish population with Polska Dotty 2.

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The subtitle for Polska Dotty 2 is Polski Sklep, Polish Plumbers, and other Tales of Poles in the UK. Yet it might well be called Polak Potrafi – “a Pole can do”, and that is not only in the literal sense. Although it becomes obvious from some of the stories related in the book that the stereotype of Poles being good with their hands is based on more than a grain of truth, it is equally clear that they are a nation eminently capable of not only settling in to a new environment, but more importantly of fitting in.

The UK is on the verge of a referendum on EU membership, and a day doesn’t go by without the word “Brexit” appearing in the headlines. This will be a plebiscite that could have global repercussions, and one of the hottest points of the debate has been immigration from other European countries. The British public have been subjected to a lot of hysteria and misinformation on “outsiders”, so Polska Dotty 2 is an excellent primer for anyone interested in what’s really happening with Poles in the UK. To this end, part one of the book offers a factual overview of the position since Poland joined the EU. And, with reference to news reports and personal experience, Jonathan exposes some of the myths of Central and Eastern European migration to the UK while presenting a considered picture of how Poles themselves have become part of modern Britain.

While Jonathan’s uncluttered style and ease of expression makes part one of Polska Dotty 2 not only informative but also easily digestible, it is in part two that his aptitude for humour really comes in to its own. Readers of the original Polska Dotty will easily recognise the author’s wit in this section, as he presents the tale of a major home improvement project that relied entirely on the efforts of Polish labour and brain power.

In part three of Polska Dotty 2, Jonathan considers the perspective of Poles themselves in the UK, through the eyes of his wife Marzena’s book group. What do Poles find positive about their experience on “The Island”, as they call it? What would they change? And what do they find simply incomprehensible? To find out, you’ll have to read the book…

Polska Dotty 2, by Jonathan Lipman and with illustrations by Liam O’Farrell, is available for Kindle from Amazon, priced £1.99/$2.99. It will soon be available in paperback, price to be confirmed. You can purchase the original Polska Dotty here.

Find out more at Jonathan Lipman’s Polska Dotty blog here.