Public Enemy Number Five – Russians Say Poland Amongst ‘Most Hostile’ Nations

Russians believe that Poland is among the top five most unfriendly nations – and becoming more so, according to a public opinion survey.


Research by the Levada Centre found that almost 22 per cent of respondents to the survey ranked Poland as ‘unfriendly and hostile’. This was up from 12 per cent last year, and more than five times higher than ten years ago.

Top of the list this year was the US, which 73 per cent said was hostile to Russia. Then came Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania, followed by Poland in fifth place.

From the Polish side, research earlier this year found that Russia is the greatest fear for Poles. Some 78% of Poles believe that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a direct threat to Poland.

Picture: Wojciech Kossak’s painting Miracle on the Wisła – when Poland pushed back a Russian invasion in 1920.