Team Kukiz – Dispirate and Divided Support for Poland’s Rock Star Turned Wannabe Prime Minister

Supporters of Poland’s political newcomer Paweł Kukiz include faces from the National Movement and the Congress of the New Right – yet many potential ‘Kukiz ‘15’ (Ruch Kukiza) activists are disgruntled that the rock star has gathered around himself folk they consider to be ‘shady liberals’. So what is the make-up of the ‘right wing’ section of the Kukiz group?’s Szymon Kowałczyk considers the issue.


The Kukiz list has wrought a split on the Polish far conservative scene, despite the fact that many key players on the right are represented.

These include the likes of Krzysztof Bosak and Robert Winnicki, from the National Movement (Ruch Narowdowy – RN), both former presidents of the All-Polish Youth (Młodzież Wszechpolska) an organisation based on nationalist doctrines), and Adam Andruszkiewicz, the organisation’s current president. The Kukiz ’15 group also includes members of the Congress of the New Right (Kongres Nowej Prawicy – KNP), such as Artur Dziambor.

These right wing groups, and other players from the same broad camp (here, we might consider Grzegorz Braun and Janusz Korwin-Mikke), are considered by the community to be ‘anti-system’.

It is just these people that Kukiz, who stunned Poland with his massive support in the first round of this year’s presidential elections, called on to join his ranks. The response has been diverse.

The most positive response came from the National Movement. They joined him quickly after the elections. However, not all members of RN were rejoicing over that. Marian Kowalski (the party’s candidate in the presidential election) recently refused to participate in the Kukiz committee or to join his list. His decision, he said, was because he considered that Kukiz was co-operating closely with members of left wing parties too. Nevertheless, this has not stopped other prominent RN members from throwing their support behind Kukiz. Additionally, Kowalski has lost the position of vice-president of the RN.

When it comes to the Congress of the New Right, there are also some links with Kukiz and his newly created committee. Since the departure of Janusz Korwin–Mikke from the party, some of the important members have begun co-operating with Kukiz.

The situation is extraordinary in itself, because of the contradictory messages being sent out by the party. On its official website, there is a statement that party activists will join the Kukiz list. However, the same site includes information to the effect that the Congress of the New Right will form its own committee.

It is an uncommon situation all round, and thus unpredictable. Mayhap future events will reveal the bigger picture.